Welcome to The New England Equestrian Center of Athol
Managed by The New England Equestrian Land Management Conservation Corporation

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NEECA "Spruce Up" Day has
been rescheduled to
August 17th!

Oops, we didn't realize that our
August Gymkhana, which are an
absolute blast by the way, was being
held on August 10th when we
originally planned to have the Spruce
Up Day on that date.  So we have
postponed the work day to the
following weekend on August 17th.  
We will plan to start at 9 a.m., and
here are just a couple of the things
we have lined up to do:

Move the shed from in front of the

Clear up some of the clutter that
has been collecting and organize it

Organize the shed

Put a fresh coat of paint on the food
booth and membership booth

Put permanent roofs on food and
membership booths

Replace a broken fence post by the
far gate

So, as you can see we have lots to
do, but if we got at least 12-15
volunteers up there, we could get it
all done within 2 - 3 hours most
likely.  If you can spare even a couple
of hours that day, it would make a
world of difference.  Not to mention
the fact there will be complimentary
lunch and drinks, in addition to a
great group of people having some
fun together.  We want to make sure
NEECA continues to be a facility we
can all be proud of!!

Please contact Caroline at
brycarmansfield@aol.com to let us
know if you can be there!

                           NEECA GYMKHANAS
NEECA is currently running a series of Gymkhanas in 2014 which are meant to be fun-filled
events not a “professional” competition. All ages, ability levels and disciplines are welcome.
Helmets are required for riders under 18 years old and recommended for ALL riders.

Each day will consist of 8 events of varying types to make it fair and fun for all. There will be
events with barrels, poles, jumps, obstacles, cones, flags, balls etc. or a combination of these
items. All games for the next Gymkhana will be available at the previous Gymkhana and we
plan to post them to the NEECA website as well.

Riders will be placed into one of three divisions that will be determined by the average times
from the first two events which will be the same at each Gymkhana. Riders may move to faster
divisions throughout the year but may never move to a slower division with the same horse.
The remainder of the events each day will be different each Gymkhana. We also plan to run
lead-line and driving divisions if there is enough interest.

Ribbons and points will be awarded at each Gymkhana with points accumulating towards
year-end awards. In the event of tie at the end of the day, a tie-breaking event will be run.
Entry fees for each horse – rider combination will be $40 for non-NEECA members and $35
for NEECA members for each day. Each horse – rider combination is a separate entry.
Help will be needed at the events and anyone that would like to offer their help or if anyone
questions contact Frank Whitney at freeway6969@msn.com or call his cell at 978-

We have the following tentative dates:
April 27
May 18
June 29
July 13
August 10
September 21
October 19

Registration and Warm-Up start at 9 a.m.
Games start at 10 a.m.


A little over 3 months ago, 22 young trainers between the ages of 8 and 18 adopted young,
untouched mustangs from the Bureau of Land Management. They took them home to barns
throughout New England, New York and Pennsylvania to train in the Youth Mustang Challenge
organized by NEECA board member, Peter Whitmore, a veteran of two adult mustang
challenges himself. After 90 days, they returned to the annual NEECA Equestrian Showcase to
show off their skills, competing for awards and prizes, and in some cases, put their horses up
for adoption through an auction.

On the morning of Saturday June 14th the NEECA park grounds were crowded with people,
horses, and temporary stalls decorated with photographs and posters, and the horses that
had been wild 3 months ago, were walking calmly around with their young trainers, among
flapping vendor tents, whinnying stallions, families with children in strollers, and dogs on

The weekend which also included open versatility and drill team competitions, was full of
special moments. One of the original young mustang trainers, Winchendon’s Jordyn Clark,
had lost her horse to an early colic, but came to help and support the other trainers. At the
awards ceremony on Sunday, she was presented with a framed photograph of Ransom, the
horse she lost, donated by photographer Karen Morang. Rachel Maxton of Westfield who won
the Handling and Conditioning, and In-Hand Trail classes, as well as the overall Youth Trainer
of the Year award, said the weekend was absolutely perfect. On Sunday, judges Kelli Marie
Wainscott and Pinnie Sears told the young trainers that no matter where they placed in the
competitions, they had done amazing jobs with their mustangs, and displayed excellent
horsemanship. “ They went way beyond our expectations, “ said Peter, “these were some of
the best trained young horses I’ve ever seen.”
Click here for picture of competitors and their

Pete, his wife Jess, and a team of NEECA volunteers made every part of the Equestrian
Showcase and Youth Mustang Challenge an unqualified success. Special thanks to Kathy D’
Orto and Althea Bramhall for their almost non-stop, two day burger grilling marathon! Next   
year’s event is already under discussion, and if you didn’t make it there this year, be sure to do
so next June! It’s not an event you’ll want to miss.
New NEECAWear Now Available!

Thanks to the artistic creativity of NEECA member Susie Feldman, and the efforts of Sue Ellen
Mowcomber to turn a great idea into reality, we have some really lovely new options available
for NEECA t-shirts.  Susie was able to create a horse from "NEECA" and we have incorporated
her design onto some great looking shirts in a variety of color combinations.  These shirts are
available for sale at most NEECA sponsored events, or email brycarmansfield@aol.com if you
would like to order one.  Design is pictured below: